Until recently I have been leading a gypsy lifestyle, traveling with my husband and our dog across the great USA in our small RV. We stayed at so many beautiful and inspiring sites, exploring the woods, beaches, and mountains, visiting towns small and large and meeting interesting people from all over.  There was always a picnic table at the camp where I would set up my easel and paint, inspiration flowing in from the constantly changing scenery.
When we got to New Orleans, the people, the culture, the city itself stole our hearts and we decided to stay.  We bought a house in the lower ninth ward, the area hit hardest by Hurricane Katrina.  Now I paint all day on our big front porch or under the shade of the banana trees and sell my work at Jackson Square in the heart of the French Quarter.  It is one of the oldest artist’s communities in America and I feel so privileged to work with so many talented, friendly artists.
Most of my art is painted in acrylics on reclaimed architectural salvage from my neighborhood, a historic district where many of the houses still stand empty and others are just getting rehabbed after the hurricane. I collect roof slate and ridge tile, old windows and siding, cypress doors and thick baseboard with layers of peeling, crackled paint.  These reclaimed pieces already have so much character, when a customer buys my art they take home a bit of the history of New Orleans too.